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Workers' Comp Contact Information
Workers' Comp Main Number (617) 727-3437
Fax Number (617) 727-8331
Address Human Resources Division / Workers' Compensation Unit
100 Cambridge Street,
Suite 600
Boston, MA 02114
coordinates all claims activities
Susan Conway
(617) 878-9860
Utlization Review
Utilization Review for all Commonwealth employees
(800) 266-7991
coordinates investigations related to WC claims
Susan Conway
(617) 878-9860
Independent Medical Exams
coordinates any IME's related to WC claims
Susan Conway
(617) 878-9860
coordinates all agency payments related to WC
Marina Pelikhova
(617) 878-9868
Bill Pay
processes approved medical bills for payment
Mary Sharkey
(617) 878-9864
Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation
coordinates all rehabilitation and case managment services for Commonwealth employees
Susan Conway
(617) 878-9860