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Frequently Asked Questions

How long must I be out of work before I am eligible to receive Workers' Compensation (WC) benefits?

An injured worker must be incapacitated for five calendar days in order to be considered for reimbursement of lost wages.

What are the time limits for filing a claim with HRD?

The law allows 4 years from the date that the employee first recognizes that the alleged injury is work related.

What kind of benefits am I entitled to receive?

Injured workers with approved claims are entitled to 60% of lost wages, as well as medical treatment, with Utilization Review (UR) approval. If necessary, employees also have a right to rehabilitative services.

Why did I get this Utilization Review (UR) Card/Letter?

HRD Claims Unit is required by Massachusetts Workers' Compensation regulations to advise all injured workers with compensable claims of specific information. The UR Letter/Card will serve two purposes: 1) It will advise you of the status of your claim with regard to compensation benefits and 2) It will inform you of the number to call to reach the HRD UR Unit to obtain review for your medical services.

In urgent/emergent situations you will be advised to notify the UR Unit within 24 hours of visit if possible and UR will review the services retrospectively.

You will also receive an introductory letter from the UR Unit upon first request for medical services.

What is the UR fax number?


I am receiving bills from my health care provider; what should I do?

Inform your private healthcare provider that services performed were the result of an industrial accident. Providers should contact UR for a retrospective review.

My workers' compensation claim was denied how do I appeal?

An employee can appeal a denied claim by calling the Department of Industrial Accidents at 617-727-4900.

Can I choose my own Doctor?


Who is the insurer for my claim?

The Commonwealth is self-insured. The Commonwealth is both the insurer and UR agent for your claim.

I am calling with questions regarding WC requirements for insurers in Massachusetts?

HRD is the WC insurer for state employees only. All other employees in Massachusetts are covered by the Department of Industrial Accidents (617-727-4900).